Monday, 31 October 2011

York Maze

We went to York Maze last night for their scarefest and it was terrifying but absolutely brilliant all at the same time!

I have never in my life screamed so much!!

There are 4 attractions. The first one we went on was called 'Curse of the Corn.' You get on a tractor and it takes you to the other size of the maze and you have to work your way back through.. Along the way there are sections. Scarecrows jump out at you etc. The best section was a car crash, there was a 'dead' body laid on the car that jumped to life and ran after you. There was a mental guy chained to a wall and you think 'oh hes chained up thats fine'.. but he breaks free just as you reach him!! Its scary but they arent allowed to touch you. The final bit of the maze there is a guy with a chainsaw.. as soon we we heard the sound we ran and you emerge into a huge field where there is nothing but you, the grass and THEM!

The second attraction is called 'Carnevil'. Im TERRIFIED of clowns so I went through the whole scare house with my eyes basically closed. Scary enough, it was all strobe lights, the rooms seemed to spin, the floor seemed to move and it was impossible to walk in a straight line! The worst bit was a room full of hanging, blood splattered sheets of plastic and the strobe lighting made it so hard to see.

The third attraction was a bit dull, it was a 4D cinema experience called 'See No Evil'. The film was based aroud 4 people who visited the maze on the wrong day, and all the 'monsters' were actually real and doing the killing. Very cheesey handheld camera made. But it was quite exciting because they'd run into the barn on the film, the film would then stop and the actor would come running through the room chased by the monster!

The final attraction is called 'Barnageddon.' This was apparently the scariest one. I was pushed to go first as Emily couldnt even open her eyes!! It was basically a horror house, filled with scary people. It was very clever. You had to crawl through cages with monsters laid on the top, there was a girl sat on a bed rocking, monsters shaking fences, guys with chainsaws, a filthy toilet that sprayed water at you. And, just when you think you are outside and free you go back in again!!

Whilst you were queing and walking from each attraction there were monsters running around trying to scare you (which they did!) There was the grim reaper, a gilly suit man, guys with siphs, clowns, a strange thing that was a bit like beetlejuice with a horn. But the definate winner was 'Curse of the Corn'

The whole night cost £17.50 and it was so worth it!! I'll definatley be going again, but next year I'd like to try Alton Towers scare fest..

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