Friday, 17 February 2012


Its been a long time since I posted, but I've been very busy.

This week I was sent two different bras to try. Firstly was the new Cleo T-Shirt bra. It looks cute, and apparently has been redeveloped because the last one was awful (it was.) Its been made to rival Freya's Deco t shirt bra, and the price is only £26.00 so a but less also. I got my usual 30F and my god was it small, the back was tiny, much more like a 28 and the cups were small too, I would have definitely needed as big as a G (which I am not) Its pretty and soft and I would say perfect for under a DD/E cup. I didn't feel there was enough support there-especially being an avid Deco wearer.

The second bra I was sent was the new Panache sports bra. I got my size again 30F. It was OK.. the cups seemed to not fit right and there was a lot of bagging. It also didn't seem like it was going to support me enough. I like to run at the gym and that would not be happening in this bra. So sadly, again I shall be sticking to my good old Freya!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Freya Sports Bra

I have been going to the gym since August but lazily. So, I've been making the effort to go 3-4 times a week. I do two classes, spinning and abs. My point to all this is sports bras and how you need a sports bra. I don't know how these crazy women do it without them? I'm surprised how many black eyes I don't see. Surely if you have a bust you would invest in a good sports bra, none of this 'Nike crop top' stuff. I have two by Freya, one in red and one in black and I couldn't go to the gym without them. I got my normal size 28ff which is very, very tight but i'm glad it is because I dont have to worry about black eyes, I am strapped down. I got them non-wired which does leave me a bit pointy but who cares i'm at the gym and I am sweaty. I have heard great things however about the wired version.

Freya are revolutionizing their sports bras all the time. They've even cup up with proper swimming costumes full of support and much nicer than anything else you see.

Panache have also just introduced their new sports bra which comes in some great colours and is a little bit more padded than the Freya. They have a fab blue, red and white edition coming out for the Olympics! I will try this sports bra in the future so I will keep you posted,

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Icy Weekend

Just had a lovely weekend with the girls. It was my friend Emily's birthday and Brittani came home from London to surprise her, it was really lovely and Emily screeched a lot. It was so cold, minus whatever but we still went out with no tights on, I had spent too much time and effort tanning to not get my pins out.

My dress was lovely and cheap from the gorgeous boohoo, as are my shoes that I blogged about before. I wasn't sure how I felt about the high neck, it felt weird on and in some pictures I like it, others I don't. I didn't accessorize much, just my eye ring from Topman, and a big chunky silver number from Topshop. I don't usually wear silver jewellery so its nice for a change. My lipstick is 17, hollywood, stole off my friend actually. 
My friend Emilys dress (Green) was stunning. It was from missguided and didn't cost much at all. It has lovely big shoulders and a deep V. Available in lots of other colours, I will be borrowing next time I go out!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Top Lingerie Sites

1. Leia which has a few shops across the UK including York and Cardiff. Leia is actually owned by the Eveden group (Fantasie and Freya) If you check the outlet they do such amazing offers or lingerie and especially swimwear. As soon as the season changes everything goes up to 75% off. I've got Freya bikinis for £20.00 and lingerie sets for £15.00. They currently have Deco in green, charcoal, pink and fushia pink for £15.00.

2. Bra Stop I think most people know about this fab site but just in case you don't its worth a good look. They stock brands such as Freya, Panache, Curvy Kate, Gossard, Fantasie, Pour Moi, Lepel.. the list is endless. You can put your size in the bra finder and see what's on offer. For example, they have the lovely Fiore in Pink in all 3 cup styles for just £12.95 and matching bottoms from £5.95,

3. Figleaves I think is the most popular but for good reason. It stocks everything you need. From pjs with built in support to men's sexy briefs they have everything. They have a fab range of maternity and mastectomy bras. They also have a good sale going, for example Chantelle at over half price off, which is a huge cut! They are without a doubt the most up to date and they always have the newest lingerie and swimwear available. They do next day delivery and free returns and having have a catalogue that you can sign up for. 

4. Bras and honey only stock Freya, Fantasie and Fauve but they do it well. The price cuts on bikinis and lingerie is up to 60% off which is fab. They have Freya Pier in pink at 50% off for just £16.50, you really can't complain.

5. The Lingerie Store have bras starting at just £2.99. The sizing isn't great and its mainly smaller cups but you can get brands such as Charnos and Discover Mademoiselle from £2.99 which is such a bargain. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Swimwear Picks

Here are some of my favourite swimwear collections for 2012.

Asos sale. I actually purchased this beauty yesterday. They had proper sizes and I got mine (30F) and for £5.00 for the top it was a bargain as I nearly bought this full price last year.

Asos, again I purchased this yesterday in my size and I love this one so much! The top was £9.00 such a bargain. 

My favourite pick of Freya's collection. Charleston.
Comes with a lovely halterneck and tan-kini as well as 4 different bottoms but this is my favourite combination. Sizes start at a 28-38 and cups start at a C up to a H. This won't be out until later in the year.

LA by Fanatsie. Amazing blue/indigo snake print. I love this! Most probably their best seller. Its also out now. There's a bandau top (pictured) as well as a full cup bikini top, tan-kini and twist front suit. Sizes start at 32 and go to a 40. Cups start at D and go up to a GG. Two bottom styles also available.

Panache Lucille. This was out last year in a slightly different colour way and it sold out across the country which I'm guessing this will too. I struggle to find a picture of it but I did source one off a fabulous blog which you can see the link on the picture-if you love underwear well worth a visit. 
Sizes start at a 30 back up to a 38 and cups from a D-G. Only one pant style.

Freya Marinella, out now. Lovely aztec print bikini.
A halterneck top also available. Backs start at 30 to 38 and cups start at D and go up to a GG.

Lepel Sunrise. This is my favourite Lepel collection. It comes as a lovely non-wired bandeau, great for the smaller buster lady in this lovely pattern. Sizes 8-16.

Fantasie Chicago. Out now.
Full cup bikini top and tan-kini top also available. With matching kaftan.
Backs sizes start at 32 - 40 and cups start at G and go up to a HH.

Revolution by Freya. My advice to anyone who is big busted going on holiday is to get a really good fitting black top, freya have loads of different styles. You can then go to any high street shop and buy as many different bottoms as possible. There's nothing worse than seeing un-supported boobs on the beaach!
Plus, if you pay a little bit more for a bikini and look after it you'll have it for years and years!

Thursday, 5 January 2012


I've just decided that I'm not going to buy myself anything until my birthday which is the 3rd March. So anything I think I want to buy goes on the 'birthday list.' I really don't think this is going to work but I'm going to try my hardest. I'm trying to save up so I can go on a lovely extravagant holiday to Bali. I found this website that seems too good to be true.. Does anyone have any tips?

Back to the lingerie. The first drop we have coming to the shops is Ashlee by Freya. It is so cute it will be going straight on my birthday list. It's in the same style as Deco which I seem to have a slight obsession with, anyway, I think you can see why..

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas Time

Happy new year and all that! I had a really lovely christmas I hope you all did too. Here's a few snaps from Christmas.

Primark spotty tights, River Island ear muffs, mini-kindle, Cath Kidston diary, glass heart container, thermos flask from Urban Outfitters, Ghost perfume (never wear anything else!) Cheap Monday thermal mittens, Barry M foil nail varnish, M+S tea bags, Louis Vuitton purse, Topshop top, Benefit set & mini Yankee.

My purse is actually from which I have previously blogged about. I cannot tell it apart from a real louis apart from the zip gets stuck. It smelt amazing! If you haven't already, take a look at conniefashion it has some fab items on there. I also got my boyfriend some Ray Bans and a Lyle and Scott polo.

My amazing Vivs. Again, conniefashion...

I was really spoilt but my fave present has to be my kindle. I haven't put it down and in the words of my boyfriends best mate 'that'll shut her up' has. I've read 3 books already and its always in my bag. My boyfriend also got me a really thoughtful present, I watch him play football every Sunday come bitter cold and rain so he got me a 'football survival kit' hence the thermos flask and thermal mittens! He also got me the lovely ear muffs and thick wooly socks.


Thursday, 22 December 2011

All I want is a onesie!!

Sharon by Fantasie finally arrived this week, with what, 4 days of Christmas shopping left? Haha, it's really lovey. I'm sure it'll sell really well. I especially like the pants which are real delicate lace. We've had such a busy week up to Christmas, men are the worst rolling in the week before wanting red see through with polka dots, quick tip.. she doesn't want that. Surprisingly men seem to really go for half cup bras rather that padded. Go for the natural shape! Christmas in retail is really lovely although it doesn't give much time off at all!

I just want it to be Christmas now so i can give everyone their presents! Especially my boyfriend, he has loads.. very spoilt. I did him his own little glossybox which is so cute if i do say so myself. All I want is a onesie? hmmm xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Passionata is a lovely family run french brand. They specialise in really delicate lace and half cup bras. Simply gorgeous! Its a brand I really wish I could wear. In the past I have bought some in a 32DD but would only wear on special occasions and in my opinion when you are spending quite a lot of money on something you should get your monies worth (like good fitting boots and fur coats!) 
And also, as I'm a 28 or 30 back the fit wasn't great.
However, they have just started making 30 backs but only up to the DD. 
So great for little ladies but not so good for the ample bosoms!
Jolie has just arrived in the shop and its so pretty, I'd love to unwrap this little number on Christmas day. 
Its a perfect sexy set to wear under a nice black new years ever dress?

Passionata is around the same price as Fantasie with an average bra costing £35/£36. A lot less than their sister brand Chantelle which you can pay up to £80.00 for a bra but equally, they are stunning!!!!

Passionata Charisma.

Passionata Jolie

Chantelle Versailes with crystals on. Bra £78.00 and shorts £35.00.
'Post it note it' for your other halves! 

Monday, 12 December 2011


I wish Freya would revert back to their old school way of bra design. My two faves have been Tigerlily which was such a fab fit and such bright colours! They then brought out Myrtle which was the same bra just in a different pattern. What I loved about them both was the colourful straps and I always felt really supported. Freya then went on to produce these awful satin numbers that didn't seem to fit anyone so I'm glad they've got rid :-)

Whats your favourite Freya?