Thursday, 22 December 2011

All I want is a onesie!!

Sharon by Fantasie finally arrived this week, with what, 4 days of Christmas shopping left? Haha, it's really lovey. I'm sure it'll sell really well. I especially like the pants which are real delicate lace. We've had such a busy week up to Christmas, men are the worst rolling in the week before wanting red see through with polka dots, quick tip.. she doesn't want that. Surprisingly men seem to really go for half cup bras rather that padded. Go for the natural shape! Christmas in retail is really lovely although it doesn't give much time off at all!

I just want it to be Christmas now so i can give everyone their presents! Especially my boyfriend, he has loads.. very spoilt. I did him his own little glossybox which is so cute if i do say so myself. All I want is a onesie? hmmm xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Passionata is a lovely family run french brand. They specialise in really delicate lace and half cup bras. Simply gorgeous! Its a brand I really wish I could wear. In the past I have bought some in a 32DD but would only wear on special occasions and in my opinion when you are spending quite a lot of money on something you should get your monies worth (like good fitting boots and fur coats!) 
And also, as I'm a 28 or 30 back the fit wasn't great.
However, they have just started making 30 backs but only up to the DD. 
So great for little ladies but not so good for the ample bosoms!
Jolie has just arrived in the shop and its so pretty, I'd love to unwrap this little number on Christmas day. 
Its a perfect sexy set to wear under a nice black new years ever dress?

Passionata is around the same price as Fantasie with an average bra costing £35/£36. A lot less than their sister brand Chantelle which you can pay up to £80.00 for a bra but equally, they are stunning!!!!

Passionata Charisma.

Passionata Jolie

Chantelle Versailes with crystals on. Bra £78.00 and shorts £35.00.
'Post it note it' for your other halves! 

Monday, 12 December 2011


I wish Freya would revert back to their old school way of bra design. My two faves have been Tigerlily which was such a fab fit and such bright colours! They then brought out Myrtle which was the same bra just in a different pattern. What I loved about them both was the colourful straps and I always felt really supported. Freya then went on to produce these awful satin numbers that didn't seem to fit anyone so I'm glad they've got rid :-)

Whats your favourite Freya?

Friday, 2 December 2011

Fiore by Lepel

My usual bra has always been Fiore by Lepel but since I've gone up a size I haven't been able to get into the 30F because of the padding, even when removed! So, I've gone to the half cup which I absolutely love, I think I like it even more than the plunge because its not as much boob and the detail is lovely!

Fiore is a fantastic bra, at just £22.00 it competes with high street shops such as La Senza but you are getting much better quality and proper sized bras. I would recommend this bra to anyone. It starts at a 30 back which is fab and cups go up to a G. It has a lovely matching thong, short and they've just reintroduced the knicker. This bra comes in the normal black, white and nude but the Christmas colour is black and gold.. it's AMAZING. This is my latest purchase. They bring different colours out every few months, nexts years colours are mint green and coral.

If you keep your eye out, larger chain stores often pop Lepel in the sale for lovely prices such as £9.00.
Its a shame working in a smaller boutique, you can't compete with these low prices and blue cross sales but luckily we've got our followers and they wouldn't go anywhere else :-)

Christmas Black & Gold.

 Septembers colours, blue and pink, so cute!

This is the half cup bra that i prefer, but its not for everyone.