Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sienna (not Miller)

My favourite bra at the moment is Sienna by Panache. I went to Portugal in September and decided I needed a nice new 'holiday' bra. So, I went to Debenhams and found Sienna for something daft like £8.70. The bra retails in most shops at £26.00 so it was a right bargain! Its the old colour of black and purple though. There is the gorgeous new colour our which is navy/plum.. I would really like it as it is one of the comfiest bras I've ever worn and its really sexy too! Im sad I missed the red and black because it was gorgeous. I'm hoping they bring out a new colour next year but I haven't heard or seen anything yet...

The old colour red.

Saturday, 26 November 2011


Taylor by freya is so gorgeous!
Just arrived today! Styled on deco, its black with gorgeous gold detail. I think it looks really expensive and not like a deco bra. Im not too keen on the high waist hold-me-in briefs. The bra is around £32.00 and there is a mathing thong & short. The short is seamless so perfect for tight dresses, and I also find them really handy for running? Our most popular range has been Nina by Freya (lovely pink leopard print.) It's flown out of the shop and we are debating whether to get any more in?
Next to drop in is Sharon by Fantasie. It looks really nice but not my cup of tea, I think its aimed more at the mature lady. I always find Fantasie knickers are so high up. The thongs are nearly around my tummy! 

Taylor by Freya.

Sharon by Fantasie.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


At first I wasn't too impressed with Novembers Glossybox, but actually it's got quite a good mix in it. I love love love the nails, I can't wait to try them out. I've just ran out of face cream so the skin perfecter has come at just the right time! I actually really like one of the perfumes too, its smells just like white Armani! So, overall i'm really quite impressed. I'm going to wait and see what the Christmas box is like and then maybe get the feel unique box instead? Has anyone got both?

I also forgot to say how good Death Cab was. 3rd time seeing them and they didn't disappoint. They played almost the whole new album, which i'm not overly familiar with after only listening to it a couple of times. My fave track of the night was definatley 'We looked like giants.' My boyfriend and I did a very good job at getting very drunk off gaymers cider before roaming around Leeds afterwards until finally grabbing a pizza and eating in back in bed at the hotel like slobs! Really nice (early!) Christmas present! 

Finally my conniefashion order came. A-MA-ZING. My Vivienne shoes are gorgeous, and they came packaged in the proper boxes with authenticity cards. I got my boyfriends mum a Louis Vuitton scarf and that was really lovely although not real. The Alexander Mcqueen scarfs were probably the best, they are real and came with tags etc. I would highly reccommend having a look, and probably ordering. On my next list there will def be a few AM scarves and a Burberry Mac! I cant wait to order loads more next time :-)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

lingerie galore!

Seven new sets have arrived. Nina and Niomi by Freya, Elodie in Black by Fantasie, Celine and Isobel by Fauve and finally two new ranges we have just decided to try out called Un:usual.

Pretty hard to choose which one I want the most. I think its probably Nina by Freya but Isobel by Fauve is so stunning, its hard. Our shop looks very full now, we just need to re-do the window all christmassy and we are set. Still waiting on some Chantelle stock but that can wait-I'm too busy ooing and ahhing over fauve!

Celine by Fauve.


Niomi by Freya.

My Favourite Isobel by Fauve.

Our stocked shop!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I just bought a lovely dress from Love the brand that is in Topshop.
I just read on another blog that if you are a new customer you can enter the code WELCOME10 and receive £10 off plus its free delivery-score!

I bought this dress. Abbey Clancy had it on a while ago on This Morning. & in my head i have a vision of Lauren Conrad wearing something similar with her hair wrapped around her head in a plait? I'm going to wear this on Thursday after Death Cab for some cocktails <3


River Island Coat/Urban Outfitter Earrings/Kindle/Nikon J1/Topshop Wedges/Chantelle Versailles/Chanel 2.55/Micheal Mcintyre Tickets

Monday, 14 November 2011


I think i was an advert for boohoo on Saturday. I was wearing an amazing backless playsuit which comes in loads of amazing colours and its only £20! I also only bought these boohoo wedges last week so had never worn them and I can honestly say they are the comfiest things I've ever worn! Usually I mainly wear New Look shoes because I find them to be the comfiest but these are my new faves and will be for a long time. I think also when you read the reviews for them-everyone else thinks so too.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


I want this bra so bad!! The colour is amazing and will be so good for winter wear, its also really plunging so gives great cleavage while being smooth enough for t-shirts...perfect!! Its by Freya and called Deco. They do this bra in really plain colours and bring out these fab editions! Its great because the sizes start at a 28 and go to a 38 with cups starting at a B up to a GG!!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Let the mouse see the cheese!!

Sadly, they did not take my tooth out-although i am on the worst antibiotics so i cant drink for 5 days then for 48 hours after I finish them booo.
On a nice note my boyfriend rang me from Bon Iver last night so that cheered me up.

I also got an email saying I have won 4 tickets to Paddys 'Take Me Out' next friday which will be hilarious. Although its a 4 hour drive and we're not sure if we can do it yet but anyway, was nice to actually win something. I applied on applausestore.com. Theres so many shows you can apply to be in the crowd!!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

cry cry cry

I think i'm having my wisdom TOOTH out tomorrow. It started hurting back in June and Dr.Dentist said he couldn't do anything about it because the top one wasn't though. Over the past week its been agony, its basically trying to grow but my mouth is too small so it is growing into my cheek. Its really bruised and sore and any second now i'm going to overdose on ibuprofen. So emergency dentist tomorrow morning crrrry.

What makes it even worse is that my boyfriend going to see Bon Iver tonight in Leeds, and then Wiz Khalifa tomorrow night so he won't even be here to look after me. Although he did buy me Death Cab tickets for next week which I am SO excited about!!!

Has anyone had their wisdoms out? Will they put me to sleep??

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

John Godber

Last night I went to see the newest production by John Godber at the Hull Truck Theatre. It was really good! At first I thought 'Oh God' as it was very shouty. But I got into it after that. Its called 'The Debt Collectors' so as you can imagine its quite funny as they go from door to door and experience a different story behind each door.

I had the most annoying woman sat next to me.. pissed off red wine laughing so loud everyone was turning to look! At one point she held her hand in front of my face? Very odd.

I really like John Godber productions. Everyone keeps telling me about Bouncers and I've never seen it. The best one I've seen was up'n'under which of all things was about rugby but it was hilarious!!!!
If you ever get chance or if they tour near you, go see them!!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


This is the newest range in Freya coming out. I think its so so cute. Pink leopard print with pretty flowers on? What more do you want in a bra? Its also starts in a 28 back which is fab and cup sizes go up to a G :-)

Weekend Buys.

I had a little shop this weekend and apparently like the colour beige? I bought a gorgeous blouse/dress by Zuppe from a lovely little boutique near where I live. I also bought a top from Rare Topshop in the sale for a fiver, and a lovely tan, one shoulder dress for £12 down from £46-bargain! I got a cute ring also, but you can't see it very well.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


This will be my next purchase as soon as it comes out. CoCo by Masquerade Panache. Its so beautiful! Grey leopard print that is very silky to touch. Great sizes, starts in a 28 back and goes up to a G cup. The bra will retail about £40.00 I would think...

Bra Size

As I work in a lingerie shop we see some funny things.. just looking around the internet the other day, this site popped up that told you how to measure yourself for a bra.

First of all it said to measure underneath your bust which is right, but then they said add on 4 to an even number and add on 5 to an odd number. Why they do this I have no idea.. if you measure 32 you are a 32 back? A good guide is:

Size 6-8 28-30 back
Size 8-10 30-32 back
etc etc. 

Although, my mums a size 14 and she wears a 32. Obviously the tighter your band the more support you get which relives things like straps falling off, saggyness, stretch marks etc and the main point being your clothes fit much better. 

Apparently the average size is something ridiculous like a 34B? I would say its more an F cup. There really isn't such a thing as a 34B.. it would mean a lady in a size 14 with no boobs. Young girls who wear 34Bs are in the wrong size and probably need a 30D?

So, go get measured properly. And, by properly I mean, go to good fitters. Not m&s or la senza!!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Quitting Smoking

I'm going to quit. 

I've just ordered one of those electronic cigs from VIP. My boyfriend told me I had to spend quite a bit on them or I'd be inhaling rat poison which I didn't fancy. I don't know how well I'm going to do. I've been smoking since I was 16 so.. 6 years... I didn't have one on my way to work this morning, which is a cigarette I thought I wouldn't be able to go without so its looking promising!
I just know I'm going to be like the devil without cigarettes. Next weekend my friend is coming home from London for a night out, and I'm dreading drinking without having one. Any tips? Should I be doing this with patches?