Thursday, 22 December 2011

All I want is a onesie!!

Sharon by Fantasie finally arrived this week, with what, 4 days of Christmas shopping left? Haha, it's really lovey. I'm sure it'll sell really well. I especially like the pants which are real delicate lace. We've had such a busy week up to Christmas, men are the worst rolling in the week before wanting red see through with polka dots, quick tip.. she doesn't want that. Surprisingly men seem to really go for half cup bras rather that padded. Go for the natural shape! Christmas in retail is really lovely although it doesn't give much time off at all!

I just want it to be Christmas now so i can give everyone their presents! Especially my boyfriend, he has loads.. very spoilt. I did him his own little glossybox which is so cute if i do say so myself. All I want is a onesie? hmmm xx

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