Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas Time

Happy new year and all that! I had a really lovely christmas I hope you all did too. Here's a few snaps from Christmas.

Primark spotty tights, River Island ear muffs, mini-kindle, Cath Kidston diary, glass heart container, thermos flask from Urban Outfitters, Ghost perfume (never wear anything else!) Cheap Monday thermal mittens, Barry M foil nail varnish, M+S tea bags, Louis Vuitton purse, Topshop top, Benefit set & mini Yankee.

My purse is actually from which I have previously blogged about. I cannot tell it apart from a real louis apart from the zip gets stuck. It smelt amazing! If you haven't already, take a look at conniefashion it has some fab items on there. I also got my boyfriend some Ray Bans and a Lyle and Scott polo.

My amazing Vivs. Again, conniefashion...

I was really spoilt but my fave present has to be my kindle. I haven't put it down and in the words of my boyfriends best mate 'that'll shut her up' has. I've read 3 books already and its always in my bag. My boyfriend also got me a really thoughtful present, I watch him play football every Sunday come bitter cold and rain so he got me a 'football survival kit' hence the thermos flask and thermal mittens! He also got me the lovely ear muffs and thick wooly socks.


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