Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Freya Sports Bra

I have been going to the gym since August but lazily. So, I've been making the effort to go 3-4 times a week. I do two classes, spinning and abs. My point to all this is sports bras and how you need a sports bra. I don't know how these crazy women do it without them? I'm surprised how many black eyes I don't see. Surely if you have a bust you would invest in a good sports bra, none of this 'Nike crop top' stuff. I have two by Freya, one in red and one in black and I couldn't go to the gym without them. I got my normal size 28ff which is very, very tight but i'm glad it is because I dont have to worry about black eyes, I am strapped down. I got them non-wired which does leave me a bit pointy but who cares i'm at the gym and I am sweaty. I have heard great things however about the wired version.

Freya are revolutionizing their sports bras all the time. They've even cup up with proper swimming costumes full of support and much nicer than anything else you see.

Panache have also just introduced their new sports bra which comes in some great colours and is a little bit more padded than the Freya. They have a fab blue, red and white edition coming out for the Olympics! I will try this sports bra in the future so I will keep you posted,


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