Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Swimwear Picks

Here are some of my favourite swimwear collections for 2012.

Asos sale. I actually purchased this beauty yesterday. They had proper sizes and I got mine (30F) and for £5.00 for the top it was a bargain as I nearly bought this full price last year.

Asos, again I purchased this yesterday in my size and I love this one so much! The top was £9.00 such a bargain. 

My favourite pick of Freya's collection. Charleston.
Comes with a lovely halterneck and tan-kini as well as 4 different bottoms but this is my favourite combination. Sizes start at a 28-38 and cups start at a C up to a H. This won't be out until later in the year.

LA by Fanatsie. Amazing blue/indigo snake print. I love this! Most probably their best seller. Its also out now. There's a bandau top (pictured) as well as a full cup bikini top, tan-kini and twist front suit. Sizes start at 32 and go to a 40. Cups start at D and go up to a GG. Two bottom styles also available.

Panache Lucille. This was out last year in a slightly different colour way and it sold out across the country which I'm guessing this will too. I struggle to find a picture of it but I did source one off a fabulous blog which you can see the link on the picture-if you love underwear well worth a visit. 
Sizes start at a 30 back up to a 38 and cups from a D-G. Only one pant style.

Freya Marinella, out now. Lovely aztec print bikini.
A halterneck top also available. Backs start at 30 to 38 and cups start at D and go up to a GG.

Lepel Sunrise. This is my favourite Lepel collection. It comes as a lovely non-wired bandeau, great for the smaller buster lady in this lovely pattern. Sizes 8-16.

Fantasie Chicago. Out now.
Full cup bikini top and tan-kini top also available. With matching kaftan.
Backs sizes start at 32 - 40 and cups start at G and go up to a HH.

Revolution by Freya. My advice to anyone who is big busted going on holiday is to get a really good fitting black top, freya have loads of different styles. You can then go to any high street shop and buy as many different bottoms as possible. There's nothing worse than seeing un-supported boobs on the beaach!
Plus, if you pay a little bit more for a bikini and look after it you'll have it for years and years!

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  1. Lots of nice ones there, I love the colours in the second one though!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!