Friday, 11 November 2011

Let the mouse see the cheese!!

Sadly, they did not take my tooth out-although i am on the worst antibiotics so i cant drink for 5 days then for 48 hours after I finish them booo.
On a nice note my boyfriend rang me from Bon Iver last night so that cheered me up.

I also got an email saying I have won 4 tickets to Paddys 'Take Me Out' next friday which will be hilarious. Although its a 4 hour drive and we're not sure if we can do it yet but anyway, was nice to actually win something. I applied on Theres so many shows you can apply to be in the crowd!!


  1. I was at Bon Iver last night aswell! x

  2. Did you enjoy it? I was gutted I didn't get my ticket in time!! x