Saturday, 19 November 2011

lingerie galore!

Seven new sets have arrived. Nina and Niomi by Freya, Elodie in Black by Fantasie, Celine and Isobel by Fauve and finally two new ranges we have just decided to try out called Un:usual.

Pretty hard to choose which one I want the most. I think its probably Nina by Freya but Isobel by Fauve is so stunning, its hard. Our shop looks very full now, we just need to re-do the window all christmassy and we are set. Still waiting on some Chantelle stock but that can wait-I'm too busy ooing and ahhing over fauve!

Celine by Fauve.


Niomi by Freya.

My Favourite Isobel by Fauve.

Our stocked shop!

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