Tuesday, 22 November 2011


At first I wasn't too impressed with Novembers Glossybox, but actually it's got quite a good mix in it. I love love love the nails, I can't wait to try them out. I've just ran out of face cream so the skin perfecter has come at just the right time! I actually really like one of the perfumes too, its smells just like white Armani! So, overall i'm really quite impressed. I'm going to wait and see what the Christmas box is like and then maybe get the feel unique box instead? Has anyone got both?

I also forgot to say how good Death Cab was. 3rd time seeing them and they didn't disappoint. They played almost the whole new album, which i'm not overly familiar with after only listening to it a couple of times. My fave track of the night was definatley 'We looked like giants.' My boyfriend and I did a very good job at getting very drunk off gaymers cider before roaming around Leeds afterwards until finally grabbing a pizza and eating in back in bed at the hotel like slobs! Really nice (early!) Christmas present! 

Finally my conniefashion order came. A-MA-ZING. My Vivienne shoes are gorgeous, and they came packaged in the proper boxes with authenticity cards. I got my boyfriends mum a Louis Vuitton scarf and that was really lovely although not real. The Alexander Mcqueen scarfs were probably the best, they are real and came with tags etc. I would highly reccommend having a look, and probably ordering. On my next list there will def be a few AM scarves and a Burberry Mac! I cant wait to order loads more next time :-)

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